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Gut Health Triad Bundle

The BEST Gut Health System!

The next great movement in gut health is POSTBIOTIC. Pre and probiotic is yesterday’s news. Today it’s about postbiotics, the next generation of microbiome health*.

Includes Biome iX™ ADK, HapiTides™, and the new Amped Coffee™!

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$210 – Single Purchase

Doctor Explains the Benefits of the Gut Health Triad Bundle.

Recent Customer Before & After Results from the Gut Health Triad Bundle

Aaron results before after Gut Health Triad hapinss brands

Aaron S – I finally decided it was time to post a testimonial about how AMAZING  the Gut Health Triad is. I wanted results right away just like everyone does but I knew that is could take a little time. The photo is 2 months difference. I couldn’t believe it when the bloating and inflammation started to go away. I also recently added in walking 10K steps a day and 100 pushups a day. I am only down about 5 lbs but the inches gone from my gut is the best part. I am more excited to tell everyone about the almost instant awesome results I got from taking the triad. I have MS and had (notice I said had…) multiple symptoms that never went away, extreme fatigue, brain fog, tingling/numbness/weakness in my hands and arms and feet, tingling/numbness in my face, and a few other irritating symptoms. Within 1 week of starting the Triad my symptoms started to become less and less and within 2 weeks they were completely gone. Just having my MS symptoms gone and feeling so much more energetic and like I am 20 years younger all while fixing my gut health is the best thing ever. All of the other positives that go along with this are added bonuses. If you are on the fence of deciding if you are going to start taking the Triad I am telling you to jump the fence and start running to get the Triad and get yourself started on to better symptom free health.

Lana D. – Hi everyone. I’ve been on the products for a little over than 3 weeks. Here is my story. I’ve been struggling with gastritis and major GI issues since I was a child. When I was 12, I was diagnosed with inflammation of the duodenum which caused all the gastrointestinal symptoms. I had to get endoscopy every year since that age until I turned 22. I’ve been taking a course of some medicine twice a year. And have been struggling with acid reflux and burning pain in my stomach. Once I started taking hapitides and biomeIX, I’ve noticed that my morning stomach ache was so much less. By the 3rd week it was gone. Evening bloating was gone as well. And if you look at the picture below, the puffiness on my face is gone too. I don’t want to do any medical claims. This is just my experience. But I’m sure these products can finally help me to clean my gut and improve my GI issues that I’ve had for almost entire life

Jerry results before after Gut Health Triad hapinss brands

Jerry – My sister sent me a picture today of her husband. I opened it and about cried! Jerry was very  skeptical when I was talking to him about these products but agreed to just “try” them “because nothing really works.” Three weeks of taking the hapitides and the biomeix twice a day……  look at these amazing results. I am so happy for him! He looks so happy   again!!!!!! This IS THE REAL DEAL HERE!!!!

Gut Health Triad Ingredients

The next great movement in gut health is POSTBIOTIC. Pre and pro biotic is yesterday’s news. Today it’s about postbiotics, the next generation of microbiome health. Includes Biome iX™, HapiTides™ and Amped Coffee!

Biome iX Label

Gut Health Triad Bundle - BIOME XI Nutritional Label Ingredients

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AMPED Coffee Label

AMPED Coffee - Gut Health Triad Bundle - Nutritional Label Ingredients
Gut Health Triad Bundle - Hapinss Brand Products

Buy the Gut Health Triad Bundle

Includes Biome iX™ ADK, HapiTides™, and the new Amped Coffee™!

$139 – Save with our Monthly option (cancel anytime)

$210 – Single Purchase

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Gut Health Triad Bundle - Hapinss Brand Products

Gut Health Triad Bundle

The next great movement in gut health is POSTBIOTIC. The next generation of microbiome health.

Includes Biome iX™ ADK, HapiTides™, and the new Amped Coffee™!

AMPED Coffee - Hapinss Brands

Amped Coffee

Our 2amino5™ is part of a proprietary coffee blend that consists of 2 aminos and a stack of 5 unique extracts of Nootropics.

HapiTides Citrus Nucleotide Drink


Health and wellness begins in the gut. Nucleotides are considered the nutritional “building blocks” to DNA and RNA health, providing energy to support and maintain various body functions

Dr. Nepute Explains Gut Health and Why it is Important

It’s Dr. Eric. Nepute hope you’re having an amazing day today. I’m really excited to talk to you about something that I know you’re going to be excited about because it’s going to help you, help your friends, your family, and your loved ones.

And it’s this, it’s the gut health triad. This is something that we’ve come across it as absolute game changer for health and wellbeing, quite honestly, for all of our patients and for everyone that’s watching this video.

So let me explain something to you. You have to understand that hypocrates, even the father of medicine said first heal the gut, and all other things will fall into place. Many of you have heard me talk about the hierarchy of health.

The second rung of the ladder is your GI digestive track. If the GI track is not healthy, then your hormones don’t work.

Your immune system doesn’t work. Your reproductive system doesn’t work. You can’t get rid of inflammation. You get lots of symptoms.

If you get an imbalance in your body, which by the way, balanced, the Greek word for balance is called homeostasis.

If we get out of homeostasis, we get a problem. Now, many of you have heard of the term leaky gut before. Well, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about leaky gut, but some of the symptoms that people get with leaky gut syndrome, where everything from all GI problems, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, inflammatory bowel disease, upset, stomach diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, heartburn.

The list goes on and on pain, headaches, sourced of joints, arthritis.

Even if you weren’t an athlete, all kinds of inflammatory conditions, brain fog for getting things like slow perception, poor memory, all that kind of stuff happens when the brain gets problematic allergies, such as environmental allergies or food sensitivities, maybe you didn’t have sensitivities to a certain food.

When you were younger. Now you’re getting older and you’re going, Hey, I can’t eat so-and-so food anymore. It’s not the food. It’s the gut. It’s because of the imbalance skin problems.

Hormonal stress has a slow metabolism. You can’t burn fat, you can’t lose weight. Your energy is gone. The list goes on and on and on and on and on in the body.

In the gut, you have good bacteria and bad bacteria. Think about it like a teeter-totter right? Well, if we get out of balance, that’s called dysbiosis, or it’s known as this bacteria ptosis as well, which means an abnormality and increase in the bad bacteria.

What leads to that? You say, well, the standard American diet and stress. So if any of you are under stress, and I know that all of you are myself included. I mean, the only people that we find on the planet that don’t have stress are buried in your local cemetery.

So that’s one strike against you. Number two, if you eat the standard American diet or westernized food diet, that’s full of processed foods, GMOs, glycine, fades, chemicals, and tons of sugar. You’re going to have dysbiosis. Well, when you’re out of balance, the dysbiosis, we want to get you back to symbiosis.

That’s that balance word. So we’re going to talk about the triad here. And there’s three huge components that you’ve got to have in your daily routine that will help you every day. Get a balance back to that. Dysbiosis, getting rid of the root cause of the symptoms.

Stop taking pills, potions, and lotions to treat the symptom. Let’s go after the cost. So let’s break down the gut health triad. Number one, one of my absolute all-time favorites, I will not go a day without this. This is our happy times product. This is the nucleotide.

Let me just explain something.

What a nucleotide does is it helps on a cellular and a DNA level repair damaged tissues. Nucleotides literally will take proteins that you eat from your diet, help those go back and repair the damage or the holes in your leaky gut, or even the damage in your muscles or anywhere where there’s injury nucleotides are the key for that.

They’re absolutely important for your immune system for your GI function. Endocrine system list goes on and on.

By the way, because 95% of Americans and people eating the standard American diet are deficient in fiber. This helps get the fiber in the system and the nucleotides.

This is a key component. The nucleotides are the base of my triad right here. Okay. That helps our body repair itself. Okay. Now the butyric acid. The second thing, if you look on this right here, the butyrate, so this is Trevor uterine.

This is one of my favorite products we have as well. The bio, my ex with a D and K. So what bio, my X is it’s butyrate butyrate. It comes from well, if you were to eat a ton of vegetables, you know, 10 to 15 servings a day like you should, which nobody does, you’ll get butyrate.

Butyrate then turns into the nutrients that your body needs to make short chain fatty acids, which heals itself. When we get stressed and we get the standard American diet, our gut wall becomes permeable. The toxins, leak out our nutrients, leak out. If they leak outside of where they’re supposed to be, the body has an auto-immune response to that, which can cause all kinds of symptoms.

Wherever those inflammatory markers will settle. Determines what symptom you have. If it settles in your joints, you’re going to get arthritis. If it’s in your muscles, you get fibromyalgia.

It could cause headaches. It could cause digestive problems. It could cause all kinds of things. And if it gets in the brain, it can cause things like, you know, brain fog and forgetfulness and you know, lack of memory and so on and so forth.

So the butyrate is huge and we get that from tribute or, and now people say all the time, Dr. Eric, I’ve seen other products on the market that are similar. No, no, no. There’s nothing like this out there. You guys have to understand this is tributirate. This is three butyrates with a carbon molecule attached to it.

You know that you’d have to eat about six to 10 servings of vegetables a day to get this much in your system. It’s not going to happen. So that is part of the body that will help rebuild the system. So we want to repair.

We want to rebuild, but we also want to reset and reach. Now, let’s talk a little bit about what’s in this beauty right here, our amped coffee, the original coffee, the amped coffee, which is amazing. It has nootropics in it. Nootropics are a form of nutrients that are specific for the brain. Now we’re all about the brain gut connection.

We know that if we get the gut, right, we’ll get the brain, right.

And if the nervous system and the GI track work good than all other systems have the best potential for optimal function, the coffee that we do, and I take a scoop, at least one scoop every day, put it in my water, stirred up, drink it down, gives me energy.

Stimulates. The brain helps with my pituitary helps with the endocrine system, improves circulation and blood flow. The amino acids that are in here are absolutely amazing.

Not only do we have the caffeine that’s in the coffee that you you’ll get a, a nice euphoric high you’ll feel amazing with it, but it has L theanine in it.

Other amino acids that help with the jitters and other symptoms that people get by taking caffeine and all these other things. This is nutritionally infused coffee. So you can have your coffee. First thing in the morning with some nucleotides, with some butyric acid.

It’s an absolute game changer. If you want to get to the root cause of your problem, people come to see me from all over the world with their health issues and the number one thing that I find that most healthcare practitioners forget to even look at, or maybe they don’t even know how to look at is the gut I’m telling you right now. If you use the gut healthy triad with the nucleotides every day with the bioX, with vitamin a D and if it’s a game changer and then with the amplified coffee, you will be so blown away by how fast you respond and how good you feel.

Please share this with your friends and family. It’s an absolute game changer.

I promise you that this will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made into your health. I’ve had people that have come from all over the world and said, doc, I would pay any price.

I would give anything. I would do whatever it takes to get my health back again. And this is the key. So please gut health triad, try it every day. Get amped, get healthy till we meet again. I’m Dr. Eric.